Sunday, January 23, 2011

Remix Stems: Week 2 - "Talos"

This week's stems include the files for two tracks on the album. The original is meant to be one song; however, a nine minute track seemed a bit too long. So here it is, with all of the extra tracks and even the guest guitar solo by From Exile frontman, Eric Guenther!

If you want to you can just do one of the sections of the song. On the album Talos I goes from 0:00 - 4:09 and Talos II goes from 4:10 - 9:16. It's up to you though.

The same rules apply to all of the remixes:
1. The files are password-protected so you need to e-mail us at to access the stems.
2. Remixes will be released on for free download.
3. We ask that you send us the final version of the song before posting it anywhere.

Many thanks as always,

Brett & SNF

Have Fun!!!!

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